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Plenary Meeting Held for Members of Shoura, Presidents of Luxembourg’s Mosques, and Imams

During the plenary meeting for Shoura members, presidents of Luxembourg’s mosques, and imams, held on Sunday in the city of Luxembourg, discussions revolved around topics of paramount importance for the Muslims of the Grand Duchy.

After the recitation of a short passage from the Quran by the newly appointed imam of the Islamic Cultural Center in Mamer (CCIL), Hafiz Sead ef. Subašić, active work commenced.

Jasmin Jahić, the current president of Shoura – the Supreme Council of Muslims in Luxembourg, introduced the agenda for the meeting.

In the capacity of the religious leader of Muslims in Luxembourg, Hafiz Hilmija ef. Redžić also attended the session.

The working atmosphere was constructive, leading to the adoption of several important decisions. One of them is the establishment of a central funeral mutual aiming to provide a dignified burial for deceased Muslims in the Grand Duchy or, as needed, facilitate the transportation of the deceased to their home countries in accordance with Islamic principles and customs.

During the meeting, the final content and appearance of certain official documents were also agreed upon, such as the Sharia marriage contract, the registry of married couples, certificates of acceptance of Islam, and more.

An agreement was reached to continue working on the announced standardization of mosque statutes. The proposed work plan of the religious leader for the current year was approved, and opinions were exchanged while analyzing perspectives on many other important topics for the Muslim community in Luxembourg.

The gathering concluded with a supplication led by another newly appointed imam, also a Hafiz, Abdul Hakeem El-Bedaoui, who will serve in the “Le Juste Milieu” mosque in Bonnevoie. – Significant improvements in the ranks of the muslim community in Luxembourg will undoubtedly have a positive impact on the overall state of Muslims in the Grand Duchy, which, considering their unity, organizational structure, and past achievements, is already at a commendable level. All thanks belong to Allah.

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