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Shoura - Assembly of the Muslim Community of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg

The Shoura represents the Muslim community in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. It is a legal entity under public law which has adopted a convention with the Luxembourgish State in 2015. At the current point in time, the Shoura comprises eleven Islamic centres throughout the country. The members of the Shoura are elected in elections that take place every four years.

The Shoura team

The Shoura team is composed of Muslims with different backgrounds, professions, nations or cultures. Contact us for all your questions.



Dr. Hilmija REDZIC, Religious Leader

Jasmin JAHIC, President
Muhamed CEMAN, Vice-President
Damir Dino ADROVIC, Secretary

Lukman ALICKOVIC, General Secretary

Oualid KHOUALDIA, Treasurer




Adis ISOVIC, Member
Adnan CINDRAK, Member
Adnan SINANOVIC, Member
Aldin AVDIC, Member
Ender ULCUN, Member
Feghoul OUAHAB, Member
Ismet JUSUFOVIC, Member
Kemal MUSTAFIC, Member
Michael BRUPPACHER, Member
Rasim COSIC, Member
Sabahudin SELIMOVIC, Member
Sufyan Claudio CLORI, Member



Karim AKNINE, Observer
Houssam MAZOUZA, Observer

Partner organizations

We collaborate with diverse partner organizations to amplify our impact and create a better environment for muslims in Luxembourg.

The story of the Shoura


The Shoura is founded, a federation of the four existing Islamic associations with the aim of structuring and institutionalising the Muslim community in Luxembourg. The Shoura starts a dialogue with the Luxembourgish State to sign an agreement between the Luxembourgish State and the Muslim community in Luxembourg. For several years, the Shoura meets regularly with the Minister and his staff. In this period. the Shoura also officially establishes its first office.


The Minister of Religious Affairs informs the Shoura that the Luxembourgish Government Council had approved a draft Convention. Discussions were ongoing between the representatives of the Shoura and the Government. The Shoura decides to draw up electoral regulations to elect members of the Shoura who would no longer be bound to an Islamic association and would therefore be autonomous with respect to the latter in terms of appointments and revocations of mandates.


A meeting was held between the Shoura and the existing Islamic centres in early 2009. The representatives of the centres were unanimous in their support for the convention process under the leadership of the Shoura and signed a joint statement reaffirming their support for the organisation of elections.


The first elections of Shoura members are held in 2011. In the upcoming mandate the Shoura is chaired by president Sabahudin Selimović.


The second elections of Shoura members are held in 2014. In the upcoming mandate Sabahudin Selimović is re-elected as the Shoura president.


The new government intensified exchanges with the Shoura, which led to the signing of the Convention between the Shoura, as the representative body of the Muslim community in Luxembourg and the Luxembourgish Government in 2015.


First General secretary appointed and employed by the Shoura. The Shoura also spear headed the creation of the Foundation "Waqf Lëtzebuerg" in September 2018. The Foundation started its operating activity in 2019 and since then it has been used for important projects and actions of the Muslim community. The first Religious Leader (Mufti) is appointed and employed by the Shoura. The appointment period is 2019 to 2022. The third elections of Shoura members are held in end of 2018. In the upcoming mandate the Shoura is chaired by president Faruk Ličina.


The Shoura purchases its headquarter premises in Luxembourg City. A new Religious Leader (Mufti) is nominated. The fourth Shoura elections are held. Shoura members are nominated for a 4 years mandate composing 16 members (2 non-voting observatory members) from 11 Islamic associations under the presidency of Jasmin Jahić.

Since its creation and until today, the Shoura has contributed a lot to social cohesion, always maintaining fraternal relations with all other faiths in the country and regulating the organisation of the community with an emphasis on responsibility and respect towards all citizens of the country and society.

Religious Leader foreword

In this foreword, our Religious Leader hfz. Hilmija Redžić refers to the essence of islamic teachings: promoting peace, compassion, and cooperation.

In the name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful.

Islam is a religion of peace, compassion, and justice. Its core beliefs include the oneness of Allah, the finality of the Prophet Muhammad’s (peace be upon him) prophethood, and the importance of following the teachings of the Qur’an and Sunnah (the traditions and practices of the Prophet).

The principles of Islam emphasize the importance of leading a balanced and righteous life, treating others with kindness and respect, and fulfilling one’s duties towards Allah and society. Allah said: “…help one another to do what is right and good; do not help one another towards sin and hostility. Be mindful of God, for His punishment is severe.” (Quran: Al-Maida, 2)

In Islam, cooperation is not only encouraged but also considered a fundamental principle. Muslims are urged to work together in order to achieve common goals and to help one another in times of need. This spirit of cooperation is rooted in the belief that all human beings are equal in the eyes of God and that it is the responsibility of every individual to help others whenever possible.

May Allah guide us all towards the straight path and grant us success in this life and the hereafter.

Hafiz Hilmija Redžić

Religious Leader

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