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Central Sermon (Khutbah)

Allah’s love – the most valuable achievement

Gratitude to Allah, the Most High, and blessings upon the messenger Muhammad.

Today’s focus delves into the core of faith, an unending wellspring of inspiration—Allah’s love. The Almighty declares, ‘…He loves them, and they love Him…’ (Al-Maida, 54.) Understand, esteemed brother and respected sister, that Allah’s love initiates, and then you reciprocate. It is the paramount achievement. The scholars in Tafsir affirm: With Allah by your side, who would oppose you? Without Him, who would support you? Attain the love of Allah – what misfortune could befall you? Fail to obtain it – what true gain have you achieved?

Numerous hadiths echo Allah’s love. Today, one suffices for inspiration. Imam Malik and Imam Ahmed convey a poignant hadith from Abu Idris Al-Hawlani: ‘In Damascus’ mosque, I stood by a youth with pearl-like teeth. People sought his counsel, and after he spoke, unanimity prevailed. ‘Who is this?’ I asked. ‘Mauz ibn Jabel, may Allah be pleased with him,’ came the reply. The next day, I found him praying ahead. I waited, greeted, and said, ‘By Allah, I love you.’ ‘Is that so, by Allah?’ he inquired. ‘By Allah, it is,’ I affirmed. Three times he asked, and thrice I confirmed. He drew close, saying, ‘Rejoice! I heard Allah’s Messenger say: ‘I grant My love to those loving for My sake, sitting together for My sake, visiting for My sake, and gifting for My sake.”

Allah’s Messenger’s prayers centered on this love: ‘O Allah, grant Your love, the love of those who love You, and love for deeds drawing me closer.’

Recognizing this love begets genuine conviction—a shield against sins, hatred, and human weaknesses. Without it, belief falters! Life lacks purpose!

O Allah, we implore Your love, love from those You cherish, and love for deeds drawing us closer to You! Ameen

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