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Central Khutbah: “Take Care of Friendship – It Is a Quality of Those Whom Allah Loves” (Video)

It is reported in an authentic hadith that on the Day of Judgment, Allah will shade seven people under His shade when there will be no other shade, among them two Muslims who loved each other for Allah’s sake, met and parted for Allah’s sake.

The Muslims of the early generations left us wonderful examples of friendship for Allah’s sake, and we will mention just a few.

Yunus ibn Abdul-E’Ala said: “One day, Imam Shafi’i told me: ‘Yunus, if you learn that your friend has spoken badly about you or done something you detest, do not rush to enmity and breaking off the friendship. Do not be one of those who suppress their conviction with doubt. Instead, go to him and say: – I have been told that you did this and that – without mentioning the name of the person who reported it to you. If he denies it, say to him: – You are indeed sincere and trustworthy. Do not add anything more.

If he admits it, if there is any possibility of an excuse, accept it. If you cannot find an excuse and feel distressed about it, then you have the choice; you can leave him and break off the friendship or forgive him, and forgiveness is closer to piety.

And if your soul urges you to retaliate and respond to the offense, remember his past kindnesses towards you and do not undervalue and reject that kindness for a single bad deed, for that would be an injustice and oppression.

Yunus, if you have a sincere friend, take good care of that friendship, for friendship is hard to maintain and easy to break and lose.'”

It is reported that Yunus ibn Ubayd experienced a hardship, and he was told: “Your friend Ibn Awf did not come to visit you.” He replied: “If we are certain of the friendship and love of our brother, it will not harm him if he does not come.”

It is true that real friends should appear in difficult times to offer comfort and alleviate the pain and sorrow of their friend, but it is human to find excuses for friends if they do not come and to preserve the friendship, because one does not hold grudges against a friend, and an enemy is not considered or given attention.

Yunus, in class, did not agree with his teacher Muhammad b. Idris al-Shafi’i, may Allah have mercy on him, on a matter, and he angrily left the class and went home.

That night, someone knocked on his door, and he asked: “Who is it?”

“Muhammad b. Idris,” a voice replied.

Yunus said: “At that moment, I could have expected anyone, except him! I opened the door and welcomed him, and he greeted me and began to gently advise me: ‘Dear Yunus;

  • we share hundreds of common opinions, do not let a single difference separate us,
  • do not seek victory in every debate, for sometimes it is more important to win hearts than to win arguments,
  • do not destroy the bridges you have built, for you may need them one day,
  • hate the sin, but not the sinner,
  • hate sins with all your heart, but be merciful, tolerant, and gentle towards the sinner,
  • criticize the position of the one you disagree with, but respect the person who has expressed that position,
  • our goal is to destroy the disease, not the patient!’

This is how we preserve human dignity, strengthen friendship, and overcome satanic intrigues.

(Central khutbah by the religious leader Hafiz Hilmija Redžić on May 10, 2024, at the “Centre Islamique Gazi Isa-beg” in Esch-sur-Alzette)

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