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Fête nationale – Participation in the traditional TE DEUM ceremony

The religious leader of the Grand Duchy’s Muslim community, Hāfiz Hilmija ef. Redžić, took part in the traditional TE DEUM ceremony held in Luxembourg on 23 June, as part of the National Day celebrations.

The ceremony was held at the Cathedral Notre-Dame in Luxembourg, in the presence of the Grand Ducal family, senior state officials and prominent citizens.

In his official speech at the ceremony, Hāfiz Redžić stressed that the coexistence of different cultures, religions and groups represents a challenge. However, different cultures are also enriching and an opportunity to learn from each other and overcome prejudices.

Hāfiz Redžić also called for an active commitment to promoting mutual respect and tolerance in order to build a harmonious society.

“In the words of prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, there are many statements about living together. In particular, he said, ‘The best men and women are those who are most useful to society’,” said Hāfiz Redžić.

Therefore, we see ourselves as partners and want to strengthen our relationship and bring about positive changes in our society. In a true partnership, there is no subordination. Each partner contributes equally and works hard to achieve common goals,” stressed the religious leader of Luxembourg’s Muslim community at the end of his speech.

The TE DEUM ceremony has a long tradition in Luxembourg and symbolises community spirit, national identity and gratitude.

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