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Official Visit of Dr. Safet Kuduzović

This weekend, Dr. Safet Kuduzović, one of the greatest living scholars in the field of hadith and fiqh among the Bosniaks, is on an official visit to the Muslims of Luxembourg.

At the invitation of the Gazi Isa-beg Islamic Center, Dr. Kuduzović will hold a one-day seminar in the center’s multipurpose hall.

A reception was organized for the distinguished guest, Dr. Safet Kuduzović, by the delegation of the Gazi Isa-beg Islamic Center, led by Imam Hafiz Zikret ef. Mustafić, President Vahid Durović, and Secretary Damir Adrović, including a tour of the Shoura’s central facilities. The Shoura delegation consisted of the Muslim religious leader, Hafiz Hilmija ef. Redžić, Shoura President Jasmin Jahić, Vice President Muhamed Ćeman, Secretary General Lukman Aličković and Shoura members Adnan Čindrak and Ismet Jusufović.

During a warm reception, the community and ongoing projects were presented to Dr. Kuduzović. Both parties agreed that integration into society is the most important project to which the Muslim community can positively contribute for the society in which it operates. This is precisely what distinguishes our community and makes it special, with unity as a key feature of its success.

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