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Roundtable on Religious and Convictional Radicalization

Roundtable on Religious and Convictional Radicalization

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Dear members of the Muslim community in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg,

Assalamou Alaykoum,

We are pleased to inform you about a roundtable discussion that will address the issue of religious radicalization and convictions of various forms , as well as the risks and societal implications it carries.

This event will take place tomorrow, on October 12, 2023, at the Luxembourg School of Religion & Society (LSRS), located at 52 Jules Wilhelm Street, L-2728 Luxembourg, from 6:30 PM to 8:30 PM. The roundtable is organized by LSRS and The Luxembourg School of Religion & Society is an institute for research and education dedicated to fostering dialogue and communication between faiths and society as a whole, offering practical guidance and both critical and constructive reflection. On the other hand, is the Luxembourgish center committed to preventing radicalization trends, assisting individuals on the path of radicalization, and facilitating deradicalization.

We are confident that your presence and potential participation will significantly enrich this roundtable by allowing for a more in-depth exploration of the topic.

Best regards,

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12 October 2023 18:30

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