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First Edition of the “Together” Project (Video)

Taking advantage of the most precious days in the Hijri calendar, the Muslims of Luxembourg today once again sent an image that breathes the beauty of the diversity of languages and nations, framed by the unity of the Muslim row where there is room for every well-intentioned person.

Indeed, on Saturday, June 8, 2024, starting at 7:30 PM, a session of speeches with the imams of Luxembourg’s mosques was held at the Islamic center in Mamer. The organizer of the event was the Shoura – the Assembly of the Muslim Community of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.

The event program included important speeches addressed to Muslims in a few minutes, mainly related to these blessed days or, in general, to what the imams consider most important for the Muslims of Luxembourg.

The president of the Islamic center in Mamer, Salih Ramić, first greeted the audience, expressing his satisfaction that this first edition took place in this Islamic center. Then, the event was opened by the recitation of passages from Surah Yusuf by Hafiz Youssouf al-Migbari. The president of the Shoura, Jasmin Jahić, emphasized the importance of unity and this image that Muslims look at with joyful eyes and hearts. As president of the Muslim community, he led the program by announcing and presenting the speakers and the mosques they come from.

The oldest of the imams, imam Halil Ahmetspahić, was the first to speak, emphasizing the importance of following the example of Ibrahim, peace be upon him, in the purity of his faith and the compassion he had towards people, especially towards his father. The next speaker, Sheikh Mustafa Turki, imam of the LJM Islamic center, highlighted the importance of sacrifice on the path of Allah, particularly the sacrifice for the common good and Muslim unity. The imam of the Contern Islamic center, Muhamed ef. Rizvić, emphasized the importance of perseverance in acts of worship and their acceptance by Allah the Most High. Next, the imam of the Al Rahma mosque, Messaoud Atrous, emphasized the importance of mutual compassion and attention. The imam of the Berat Islamic center, Nedžad ef. Zilkić, stressed that those who often invoke Allah will never be forgotten, and in this vein, the representative of the Wiltz Islamic center, Hafiz Ahmed Duranović, emphasized that only sincere hearts succeed with Allah and that actions that are not sincere are annulled. Irfan ef. Hasanović, imam of the Diekirch Islamic center, noted that our community has matured over forty years and has much to offer to all categories of worshipers and Muslims in general. In this context, Hafiz AbdelHakim Badaoui, imam of the LJM Islamic center, stressed that perseverance in worship is one of the greatest values a believer possesses. Hafiz Anass Doukali, imam of the Afnane Islamic center, emphasized that the Quran is what brings us all together, and after a short speech, he recited passages from Surah Al-Hajj according to the narration of Ibn Kathir. Next, Hafiz Zikret Mustafić, imam of the Gazi Isa-beg Islamic center, reminded the audience of the importance of the blessings we enjoy and the awareness that we will be held accountable for them before Allah. Hafiz Sead Subašić, imam of the Mamer Islamic center, stressed that these blessed days are distinguished by the most important Islamic principles that reflect the unity of Muslims. The event was refreshed by the recitation of nasheed by Meho Džinić, Salih Ramić, and Bajram Selmani twice.

Finally, the event was closed by the Muslim religious leader, Hafiz Hilmija Redžić, who emphasized that the greatest blessing of these days is the Day of Arafat:
“The Day of Arafat is the only day of the year when Allah, the Most High, descends to the earthly sky – during the day! Imam Evza’i, rahimahullah, said: I have met many people who saved certain supplications for the Day of Arafat, to ask Allah, the Most High, that day! Some said: For 50 years I have not missed praying on the Day of Arafat, and not a year goes by without what I prayed for starting to come true like the morning dawn!”
After that, Hafiz Redžić emphasized that the strength of the community lies in our imams and that it is important for each person in that position to improve themselves, as this improves the community.

After the Maghrib prayer, a dinner was organized in the garden of the Islamic center for all present, with a supplication for Allah to grant blessings to our unity and the desire for more such meetings.

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