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Khutba: Palestine serves as a reminder, and these reminders bring benefit to the believers

Let us give praise to Allah, the Lord of all worlds, the Most Merciful, and the Most Compassionate. May the peace and blessings of Allah rest upon the Prophet Muhammad. Dear believers, today’s sermon is heavy with sorrow and emotion, accompanied by tears and a strong desire to support the most vulnerable, especially the children and our brothers and sisters in Palestine. Words may falter in the face of the images that reach us, but if we remain silent, who will continue to reveal the truth about the crimes and inhumanity evident in the killing of children? The word serves as the catalyst for all change. Allah has shared His Word/Book with us so that we may unite around it and improve our condition with its guidance.

“And now We have sent down to you [people] a Scripture to remind you. Will you not use your reason?” [Sura El-Enbijāʾ: 10]

In our Muslim faith, under all circumstances, and particularly during these trying times, the Quran and the Sunnah offer us solace, deliverance, insight, and a path for action. Our hearts ache when we hear the words of a Palestinian father who shares, “There was a glimmer of hope that my child might survive, as the doctor told me. I left and returned… only to discover my child, the doctor, and the hospital were nowhere to be found.”

This renders one speechless, yet be aware, my brothers and sisters, that our Lord has stated:

“Do not think of those who have been killed in God’s way as dead. They are alive with their Lord, well provided for, happy with what God has given them of His favour; rejoicing that for those they have left behind who have yet to join them there is no fear, nor will they grieve.” [Sura Ali Imran, 169-170]

Our scholars offer this counsel: Understand, dear brothers and sisters, that our compassion for the community’s suffering should be a force for positive change. It should motivate us to work towards long-term self-improvement and make a real contribution to the community, whether on an individual or collective basis, both locally and globally, as per our capabilities. The most modest action we can all take is prayer. The weakest among us is the one who lacks the strength to pray.

During a distressing time when Muslims were unable to assist, and even the Prophet of Allah, peace be upon him, couldn’t intervene, he passed by the tormented family of Yasir. His words to them were, “Be patient, O family of Yasir, for you will be in Paradise.” In that tragic moment, Sumayya, the first martyr of Islam, was slain by Abu Jahl, leaving everyone helpless. Each era calls for fitting responses to specific circumstances, with the objective of ensuring that our reactions do not lead us to ruin, even if our inner selves incline toward it. At the very least, we can turn to prayer, but we should never underestimate the potency of supplication. Allah always holds the power to effect change, even when we find ourselves feeling powerless.

In our current environment, where freedom of expression is highly regarded, it’s crucial to acknowledge the value of truth. We should propagate verified truths, extend our assistance to our fellow brothers and sisters, and trust that our institutions will ensure this help is provided reliably and transparently. Regrettably, in today’s world, many influential individuals endorse oppression, much as they did in the past when they supported the oppression of the Jewish people, leading to the horrors of gas chambers. Presently, prominent figures openly align themselves with oppressors who perpetrate violence against children, women, and the innocent. While they may attempt to justify their actions in the future, we, as Muslims, stand firm in our commitment to never support violence, to never remain silent in its face, and to never forget the suffering, just as Sumayya and Yasir will never be forgotten.

When it comes to the responses of our Muslim leaders, it’s best not to delve into this topic, particularly in these respected settings. The lesson we’ve deeply absorbed is that dictators do not truly represent the people they govern; instead, they often oppress their own people and collaborate with oppressors, as regrettably observed in Palestine.

O Allah, assist the oppressed, safeguard the Palestinian children, and those in need wherever they may be. We acknowledge our powerlessness, and recognize Your All-Powerful nature. Grant strength to the righteous and weaken the unjust. O Allah, redirect the violence of the oppressors onto themselves and safeguard us from their harm! Amen.

Hfz. Hilmija Redžić

Muslim Religious Leader of Luxembourg

Living Islam, serving society in Luxembourg since 2003.

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