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Dear all,

Following the publication of an article in the form of an interview with Mrs. Florence Bergeaud-Blackler (available at the link below), the Shoura deemed it appropriate to react to certain statements contained in the aforementioned article.

As the complete reaction from the Shoura was not published by the concerned newspaper, you will find below the text of the reaction to counteract the issue where certain opinions are highlighted while others are systematically excluded, thus allowing for the stigmatization of Muslims in general.

The Shoura, representing the Muslim community of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, is very surprised by the platform you have given to Madame Florence Bergeaud-Blackler in your interview on November 8th. This individual has faced numerous criticisms in France and is severely judged by many of her colleagues and fellow journalists, who criticize her methods as more militant than scientific.

We are particularly concerned about the following passage in your article:

“What are the first perceptible signs of an individual under the influence of the Muslim Brotherhood?

For girls, wearing the hijab is undeniably a sign of indoctrination. Another sign: a more diligent follow-up of religious practices relatively suddenly.”

Madame Florence Bergeaud-Blackler’s response demonstrates a total lack of understanding of Islamic practices and an intentional or unintentional simplification on her part to reduce every spiritual act of devotion to a “Muslim Brotherhood” behavior. This dangerous simplification could lead your readers to conclude that all practicing Muslims share some ideology with the goal of creating a theocracy in Luxembourg and Europe.

Such statements are contrary to the values of integration and inclusion that are dear to our beautiful country.

We would like to emphasize that the Shoura is not aware of and excludes any risk of infiltration of an ideology at the level of its religious associations on the territory of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg that would harm social cohesion.

We also condemn any attempt to import issues and controversies, especially from France, into Luxembourgish society, which could harm national cohesion. » (translated from french to english)

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