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Insights into the Round Table Organized by the Center Against Radicalization

The Shoura – Assembly of the Muslim Community of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg participated on November 8, 2023, in a round table organized by the Center Against Radicalization,, addressing the issue of radicalization. Held in Belval, the round table brought together diverse voices, including Prof. Jean Ehret (Director of the Luxembourg School of Religion and Society), Rabbi Alexander Grodensky (Liberal Jewish Community of Luxembourg), Karin Weyer (Director of the Center Against Radicalization), Florian Chefai (Giordano-Bruno-Foundation), and Hafiz Dr. Hilmija Redžić (Chief of Muslim Worship).

Hafiz Redžić emphasized the role of religion as a necessity for the soul, warning against its misuse leading to radicalization. He highlighted the correlation between religion and radicalization when misunderstood or misused. To guard against this phenomenon, he underscored two fundamental principles in Islam. Firstly, knowledge, as religion coexists with knowledge, echoing the importance of the first revelation in the Quran:

“Recite in the name of your Lord!” [96:1]

Secondly, Islam emphasizes the absence of coercion in faith. The essence lies in simplicity, maintaining good relations with God, others, and oneself.

Addressing the role of the Shoura, Hafiz Redžić shared the organization’s commitment to approaching individuals susceptible to radicalization with attention and love. Love, he emphasized, counterbalances hatred, radicalization, hostility, and loneliness, highlighting the importance of showing compassion. The Shoura, translating to “consultation,” actively collaborates with other institutions combating radicalization, remaining open to dialogue. Recognizing the impact of social media on the radicalization of young minds, the Shoura extends its reach to these platforms to counter such influences.

The Shoura brings together Islamic associations that offer a wide range of activities. By fulfilling our role, we neutralize or minimize any form of faith abuse or radicalization.

It is emphasized that Luxembourg could serve as a model for many other countries to organize religiously effectively and protect the right of all its citizens to religious freedom.

In summary, the Shoura, through its active engagement in initiatives such as the recent round table, reaffirms its commitment to preventing radicalization by promoting knowledge, simplicity in faith, and fostering bonds built on love and understanding.

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