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Pre-Election Meetings: Insights into Luxembourg’s 2023 National Elections

In anticipation of the national legislative elections scheduled for October 8, 2023, the Shoura – Assembly of the Muslim Community of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg – has engaged in constructive dialogues with several Luxembourgish political parties. These meetings aimed to explore the concerns and interests of the Muslim community in Luxembourg while fostering an open dialogue with political stakeholders.

Discussions took place with political parties such as Fokus, CSV, LSAP, ADR, and déi Lénk. It is essential to underline that the Shoura is a non-political institution, existing solely to advocate for the interests of the Muslim community and social harmony.

During these exchanges, the Shoura took care to present some of its priorities. These included the issue of Muslim cemeteries for which authorities have yet to find a solution, the escalating Islamophobia in Europe and Luxembourg, and the necessity of building a central mosque in Luxembourg (linked to the challenges of space and security in existing Islamic centers).

These conversations have highlighted the need for policies promoting cultural, religious diversity, and fundamental rights. These meetings underscored the significance of addressing these critical challenges to foster a more inclusive and diversity-respecting society.

The representatives of the mentioned political parties listened attentively to the concerns of the Muslim community, acknowledging them as legitimate.

In Luxembourg, legislative voting is a crucial element of civic participation. Every citizen has the right to express themselves during elections to choose the representatives who will shape the country’s future. To facilitate this process, we encourage all members of the Muslim community to familiarize themselves with the electoral programs of different parties and actively engage in political discourse.

For more information about the legislative voting procedure in Luxembourg, we invite you to consult these explanatory videos in multiple languages:

Lastly, please do not hesitate to contact your local mosque for further information. Your vote matters, and your involvement will contribute to shaping the future of our country. We thank you for your active participation in this process and encourage each of you to exercise your right to vote on October 8, 2023.

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