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The Muslim religious leader at the ceremony on the occasion of the national holiday of the Grand Duchy – TE DEUM

The religious leader of the Muslims of the Grand Duchy, Hafiz Hilmija ef. Redžić, participated in the traditional TE DEUM ceremony held in Luxembourg on Luxembourg’s National Day, June 23, as part of the national celebrations.

The ceremony took place at the Notre-Dame Cathedral in Luxembourg, in the presence of the reigning family, high-ranking officials, and distinguished citizens.

Hafiz Redžić recited to the participants the first surah of the Quran, Surah Al-Fatiha, with the translation of its meaning in German. As the most valuable surah, this surah summarizes all Quranic knowledge and leaves a profound impact on anyone who reads, listens to, or reflects on it.

The TE DEUM ceremony has a long tradition in Luxembourg and symbolizes the spirit of community, national identity, and gratitude.

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