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Visit to the Centre Islamique et Culturel Berat in Esch

Mosques in Luxembourg offer a wide range of activities in which a significant number of Muslims participate. In addition to Friday prayers and daily prayers, mosques provide classes for children, regular weekly lectures, Quran study circles, and a series of activities tailored to the needs of the faithful.

In order to support these quality activities, the religious leader of Muslims in Luxembourg, Hafiz Hilmija Redžić, in addition to announced visits to all mosques during Friday sermons and central lectures, continues a series of surprise visits, during which he participates in one of the activities with other faithful. On Thursday, February 8, 2024, the Centre Islamique et Culturel Berat organized a farewell evening for a group of twenty-nine faithful, who departed for Medina the following day. The farewell event took place after the Isha prayer in the premises of the Center. The departure of the pilgrims brought together a large number of faithful who, after a program of speeches, continued to socialize over local specialties, both savory and sweet. A special part of the program was undoubtedly the speeches of the pilgrims. The first to address the pilgrims was the center’s Imam, Nedžad ef. Zilkić, who emphasized that the journey to Mecca and Medina is the most beautiful journey and that it is unforgettable, and that the Kaaba is the most beautiful structure that the eye has seen. Then, the religious leader, Hafiz Redžić, emphasized that Umrah is a journey to Allah’s mercy, and that there is nothing more necessary for man in this world and in the Hereafter than Allah’s mercy. The uniqueness of such Umrah departures lies in the emotions of those who are going for the first time. In addition to the group from the Berat mosque, groups from the Mamer mosque (15 people) and the Diekirch mosque (20 people) are also going to both Harems, accompanied by their imams and guides, MSc Halil Ahmetspahić and Irfan ef. Hasanović.

The Berat Islamic Cultural Center offers a wide range of activities, in addition to Friday prayers and daily prayers, there is a lecture every Saturday after the Isha prayer. Then there are mekteb classes on both weekend days. Additionally, there are frequent guest lectures by speakers from various fields of Islamic sciences. The Center is particularly distinguished by interpersonal connectivity and the strong presence of young people.

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28, rue du Nord
L-4260 Esch-sur-Alzette

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