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Central Sermon (Khutbah)

Bad Judgment about People Corrupts the Heart

One of the specificities of Islamic education is prevention. Islam teaches us to protect ourselves by leaving everything that intoxicates our minds, by keeping doubts away from our hearts, and by preserving our honor by avoiding immorality. We also protect the people around us by having good thoughts about them. The Prophet, peace and blessings be upon him, while performing Tawaf around the Kaaba and looking at it, said: “By Him in Whose hand is Muhammad’s soul, the sanctity of the believer with Allah is greater than yours. By Him in Whose hand is my soul, the sanctity of the believer, his life, and his wealth is greater with Allah than yours, and nothing should be thought about him except good.” (Ibn Majah)

The Prophet, peace and blessings be upon him, knew that the greatest danger to man comes from his heart, which is why he wanted to purify the hearts of Muslims. One day, he said to his companions: “Beware of doubt, for doubt is the most lying speech. Do not spy on each other, do not envy one another, do not break ties with each other, do not hate one another, but be, O servants of Allah, true brothers!” (Muslim)

Ibn al-Qayyim al-Jawziyya often mentions in his works the words of Abu Bakr ibn ‘Ayyash: “Abu Bakr and ‘Umar did not surpass you by much voluntary fasting and prayer, but by what became rooted in their hearts (that is, the strength of faith and purity of heart).”
Bad judgment about people corrupts the human heart the most. It is reported that one of Ibrahim ibn Adham’s companions passed by him while he was sitting with other companions and did not greet them. Some of them said to him, “Ibrahim, did you see how he looks at us without greeting us?” Ibrahim ibn Adham replied, “Perhaps he is facing some difficulty. No one turns away from his friends and behaves like this except one who is struck by difficulty and trial.”
Then Ibrahim got up from his place and followed him. When he caught up with him, he asked him, “Why didn’t you greet us, my friend?” The man replied, “My wife is about to give birth, and I have no money to buy what she needs.” Ibrahim returned to his companions and said to them, “We wronged him twice – once by thinking ill of him and once by neglecting him, which led him to a difficult situation because of his needs.”
Then he left them, went home, and found two coins. He bought meat, honey, oil, and flour for one coin, then hurried to his friend’s house. When he knocked on the door, his friend’s wife asked, “Who is at the door?” He replied, “Ibrahim ibn Adham, take these provisions outside the door, may Allah help you!” When she opened the door, she found the provisions with another coin. She began to say, “O my God, reward Ibrahim ibn Adham for this day!”
Bad judgment about others exposes the individual to various negative traits that ultimately weaken faith and deteriorate relationships with others. May God protect us from all that is bad for our hearts.

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