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Grand Duchy’s Muslim Assembly Organizes Formal Iftar Gathering (Gallery + Video)

On Sunday evening, in the grand hall of Walferdange municipality, Shoura – the Grand Duchy’s Muslim Assembly, hosted a formal iftar. Bringing together leaders of the Muslim community, Shoura aimed to acknowledge their commitment within the context of Luxembourg’s mosque activities and associations such as the Waqf Foundation, the Islamophobia Observatory, the IREDI Institute, and other organizations gathering Muslims in Luxembourg. They also expressed gratitude for their contribution to the visible progress of the Muslim community and overall social stability.

The ceremony commenced with the recitation of the Quran by Sheikh Youssef Al-Mighbari. Oussama Fikri, the moderator of the evening, then continued with the official program.

Subsequently, the Assembly’s president, Jasmin Jahić, welcomed the attendees and addressed the suffering of the innocent in Palestine, expressing deep concern over the international community’s failure to halt the violence and killings of tens of thousands of children, women, and elderly by the government of Israel.

The religious leader of Luxembourg’s Muslims, Hafiz Hilmija ef. Redžić, also addressed the local Muslim leaders in Arabic, Bosnian, and German, emphasizing that the key factor for success and the primary resource for the progress of any community is its people.

The evening’s special guest, the Sandzak mufti Hafiz Abdurrahman ef. Kujević, praised the Assembly’s work, highlighting that the Muslim community in Luxembourg, considering all it has achieved so far, can serve as a model of successful action.

Following the adhan prayer, the iftar dinner was served, accompanied by an artistic program featuring acapella Islamic chants in Arabic and Bosnian.

Finally, at the end of the evening, certificates of merit were awarded to individuals who had made significant contributions to the realization of the council’s projects and activities over the past year.

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