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Humanity put to the test: Luxembourg citizens make their voices heard

Over 3,000 children killed. Thousands of women murdered. Hundreds of men killed. – The massacre by Israeli forces in Gaza, currently unfolding before the eyes of the world, is increasingly shocking honest citizens of Luxembourg every day. Unable to contribute in any other effective way to ending the conflict, the the Assembly of the Muslim Community of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg – Shoura, organized a protest march on Saturday.

Approximately two thousand participants first gathered in front of the philharmonic at 2:00 PM, and shortly thereafter, the procession headed towards the center of Luxembourg City. The gathered chanted slogans such as “Freedom for Gaza,” “Freedom for Palestine,” “Stop the killing,” “Stop the genocide in Gaza,” hoping that their plea would reach the ears of political representatives who, they hoped, could do something to end the agony in Gaza that we are witnessing these days.

Upon reaching Clairefontaine Square, the current President of the Shoura, Jasmin Jahić, first addressed the participants. In his emotional address, Jahić called for an end to the conflict, emphasizing the importance of protecting innocent lives while also warning of the glaring inequality in the treatment of victims in Gaza compared to those in Ukraine.

Following that, a brief speech was delivered by the President of the Committee for Just Peace in the Middle East, Claude Grégorie, expressing outrage at the massacre in Gaza and highlighting the responsibility of major powers, particularly the United States, in allowing and encouraging the numerous crimes committed by Israeli forces in the Gaza area.

The religious leader of the Muslims in Luxembourg, Hafiz Hilmija ef. Redžić, also addressed the participants, reminding them of the sanctity of human life and the importance and duty to protect it. He also emphasized the significance of freedom in general, including the freedom to protest enjoyed by the citizens of Luxembourg, which, unfortunately, is no longer the case in neighboring countries, alluding to the bans on organizing protests in support of the freedom of the Palestinian people in France and Germany.

After these addresses, the organizers thanked all the attendees for their presence, thereby bearing witness to their humanity and compassion, and they also expressed satisfaction that despite the large number of participants, the protest was conducted without a single incident.

Abu Hurairah (may Allah be pleased with him) reported that the Prophet, may God’s blessings and peace be upon him, said: “He who does not thank people has not thanked Allah”.

We take this opportunity to express our gratitude to the local authorities for allowing the organization of our march, as well as to the Grand Ducal Police, who demonstrated great professionalism and competence during the preparation and on the day of the event.

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