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Visit to the Centre Culturel Islamique Nordstad in Diekirch

Mosques in Luxembourg offer a wide range of activities with significant participation from the Muslim community. In addition to Friday and daily prayers, mosques provide classes for children, regular weekly lectures, Quran study sessions, and various activities based on the needs of the members.

In order to support these quality activities, the Muslim religious leader of Luxembourg, Hafiz Hilmija Redžić, continues a series of unannounced visits. These visits include his participation in one of the organized activities, in addition to his announced visits during Friday sermons and central lectures. During the past weekend, a visit was made to the Centre Culturel Islamique Nordstad in Diekirch.

This center is one of our most beautiful, harmonizing all elements with a superior interior. Beyond the beauty of the place, the warm welcome from the believers and the imam creates a memorable experience.

The imam of this center is Irfan ef. Hasanović, who has been diligently working for many years to develop this community. In addition to daily and Friday prayers, the center offers activities such as weekly Quran study sessions, Quran explanation sessions, classes to learn the Arabic alphabet, and highly active classes for the youngest every weekend in the form of a Quranic school.

The uniqueness of this visit was brought by the IREDI Institute, which organized the donation of a library of 313 books on the occasion of the Day of the fire of the National Library of Bosnia and Herzegovina in Sarajevo. Two million books, magazines, and manuscripts of inestimable value were destroyed in the fire at the former Sarajevo City Hall on August 25, 1992. Preserving the memory of this sad day, the Institute for Research, Education, and Intercultural Dialogue – IREDI, based in Luxembourg, chose this date to announce the recipient of the library, which is granted to mosques and other educational institutions in the Grand Duchy.

This year, the choice fell on this center. The presentation of this beautiful gift was organized after the lecture by the religious leader, Hafiz Redžić. The library of 313 books, representing the number of Muslim fighters in the glorious Battle of Badr, was officially handed over to the mosque’s leadership, led by Imam Irfan ef. Hasanović and the president of the mosque committee, Edin Latić. On behalf of the IREDI Institute’s directorate, Damir Dino Adrović addressed those present, explaining the meaning and intention of the “Vakuf’nama” project.

The gift library encompasses titles from various scientific disciplines, from seminal works in the field of Islamic sciences to psychology, history, language, culture and art. In the context of the beautiful interior, these books added an extra touch of beauty to the center’s premises.

This center also offers a pleasant atmosphere for socializing in the cafeteria, where traditional specialties are available every Friday and on weekends. Visit this beautiful center at the address:

22, Bamertal
L-9209 Diekirch

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