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Central Sermon (Khutbah)

This moment is the desire of every believing man and woman

Meeting the beloved is the desire of those who love. When trials overwhelm us or blessings plunge us into forgetfulness of our faith, it is necessary to refresh our spirits by thinking of the moments of meeting with Allah the Most High. Particularly, the moment when the eyes of the believers will see the manifestation of the Sublime Countenance.

Actions for the Countenance of Allah are the most sincere actions. The desire for the Countenance of Allah is the greatest of desires. This desire and its persistence were present in the supplications of the Prophet of Allah, peace and blessings be upon him. Ammar bin Jasir reported that the Messenger of Allah, peace and blessings be upon him, recited this supplication: “O Allah, You know the unseen and with Your power, You manage Your creatures. Allow me to live as long as it is good for me according to Your knowledge. And allow me to die when it is good for me. Allow me to fear You, whether people see me or not, in anger or in satisfaction. Allow me to speak the truth, whether I am angry or happy. Allow me to be moderate, in poverty or wealth. Grant me eternal grace. Grant me continuous joy. Allow me to be satisfied with destiny. Give me a pleasant life after death. Allow me to enjoy the sight of Your Countenance. Allow me to desire Your meeting and not be misled by misfortunes or temptations. O Allah, beautify us with the beauty of faith and guide us on the straight path.” (Nesai and Hakim)

This day is called by the Most High “THE DAY OF INCREASE!” He says: “They will have whatever they desire with their Lord. That is the reward of the doers of good.” (Qaf, 35)

The “Day of Increase” (Jevmul-mezid) is the day when the inhabitants of Paradise will visit Allah, the Almighty. Ibn Kajjim said, may Allah have mercy on him: “If you ask about the “Jevmul-mezid,” and the increase of the Mighty and Praised One, and seeing His Countenance, free from any resemblance and comparison, as you see the sun at noon and the moon on the night of full moon, and this is recorded and transmitted by an authentic hadith from a truthful and sincere person, and written in authentic compilations, the sunan and musnad. Listen about the day when a messenger will say: ‘O inhabitants of Paradise! Your Glorious Lord invites you to visit Him, so respond to His call!’ They will say: ‘We hear and obey.’ Then they will hasten to meet their Lord. When they arrive in the valley of Efjeh, a gathering place will be assigned to them, where all will gather. The messenger will not leave them. The Lord will command that His throne be set up there, and for them, minbars of light, pearls, aquamarine, gold, and silver will be placed. Those who are at the lowest level among them will sit on thrones of musk, and they will see no one above them in terms of reward and gifts. When all are seated peacefully, satisfied, and calm, a messenger will call out: ‘O inhabitants of Paradise! You have a promise from your Lord that He wants to fulfill for you!’ They will ask: ‘What is it? Did He not lighten our faces, weigh our scales down with good deeds, admit us into Paradise, and save us from the Fire?’ While they speak thus, a light will burst forth illuminating Paradise, and they will raise their heads to see the Majestic One, whose names are holy, rising above them. He will say: ‘O inhabitants of Paradise, peace be upon you!’ This greeting will not be responded to with more beautiful words than theirs: ‘O Allah! You are Peace, and Peace comes from You. You are glorified, Majestic, and Noble!’ Then He will say: ‘Where are My servants who obeyed Me without seeing Me? This is the “jevmul-mezid,” so ask Me for something.’ They will agree on one thing: ‘We are satisfied with You, so be satisfied with us.’ And He will say: ‘O inhabitants of Paradise, if I were not pleased with you, I would not have settled you in My Paradise. This is the “jevmul-mezid,” so ask Me for something.’ They will agree on one thing, saying: ‘Show us Your Face so we may gaze upon it.’ The Lord will reveal His Face to them and show it to them, enveloping them in His light, because of which they would have been consumed if Allah had not decreed that they would suffer no harm. No one will remain in that place without his Lord speaking to him and saying: ‘O so-and-so, do you remember the day when you did this and that?’ He will remind him of some of his errors in the life of this world, and he will say: ‘Lord, did You not forgive me?’ Allah will say: ‘Yes, it is by My forgiveness that you have reached the level where you are now.’ (Hadil ervah ila biladil efrah, 355-360)

Grant us these moments, O Lord. Amen.

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