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Visit of Mufti Kujević of Sandžak to the Shoura in Luxembourg

On 7 May 2023, a meeting was held in Luxembourg City between the Mufti of Sandžak and the Shoura – the Assembly of the Muslim Community of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.

The Mufti of Sandžak, hâfiz Abdurrahman-ef. Kujević and his staff first visited the premises of the new Shoura headquarters in Luxembourg City. Several Shoura members, led by the current president Jasmin Jahić, warmly welcomed the Sandžak delegation, and used this opportunity to present the plans for the redevelopment of the recently purchased premises which, after the upcoming construction work, will serve as the headquarters of the Shoura of the Grand Duchy.

Afterwards, the Shoura and its guests took a short walk to a nearby restaurant, where a formal meeting and lunch took place. During the meeting, in a fraternal atmosphere, both parties presented the latest significant achievements of the institutions they represent, and topics of common interest were discussed. During the meeting, special attention was paid to the discussion on improving relations between the two Islamic communities, a topic already addressed at the first meeting of the delegations taking place a few months before the start of the coronavirus pandemic.

The Mufti of Sandžak, Abdurrahman ef. Kujević, invited the Shoura representatives to an official visit to the institutions of the Mesihat Islamic community in Serbia. The Shoura representatives, led by Jahić, thanked for the invitation and stressed on this occasion the importance of such a visit through which the Shoura members could certainly learn a lot from the positive and significant experience of Mesihat activities in Serbia.

In addition, the Shoura representatives asked Mufti Kujević to convey the greetings of the Muslims of Luxembourg to the President of the Mesihat Islamic Community of Serbia, dr. Mevlud ef. Dudić, expressing the hope that Mufti Dudić himself will soon be an official guest of the Muslim community of Luxembourg.

The meeting of the Shoura and Mešihat delegations of the Islamic Community of Serbia was organised within the framework of the Shoura’s efforts to establish cooperation and improve fraternal relations with all legitimate representative bodies of Muslims in Europe and the world.

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